PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
ArtistRotem Reshef

Painting is an ongoing journey of discovery and development. For me, it is always an intimate process involving the materials, the setting and myself. While I'm the creator and the conductor of my art, randomness also plays a major role: the color, the flow of liquid paint and the textures created on the damped canvas are both exciting and inspiring for me, and might, at times, take the leading role. I paint intuitively, and let them seep into a painting, a micro-cosmos of personal experiences projected outward. My paintings are abstract, yet contain hints of figuration, mostly organic, optic or nature oriented. They send an open invitation to experience and investigate them and the process of their creation. The emotional experience of the spectator may be the strongest motivation to explore them, but, at other times, it is the mystery of the technique or the story, captured in the painting, awaiting to be revealed. The paintings in the series "Deep", which I am submitting to the LICC, explore the forming of a center. Through layers of paint, memory and depth, bound and sunken into each other, a center, or sometimes several, are created. These centers are the pivot points of the painting, whilst the paint flows towards, away and around them. Holding a visually striking physical depth, with layers of various opacities and complexities, the paintings in this series imply the existence of an inner gravitational force, influencing the physical, the material, the spiritual and the emotional essence within the work and in the eye of the viewer.