Atlantic Beach Retreat

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design
CompanyCharles R. Schwartzapfel RA PC
ArtistCharles R. Schwartzapfel Registered Architect
Design TeamConstruction Managers - Custom Renovation Services Inc. Structural Engineers - Robert Silman Associates Mechanical Engineers - DKA Consulting, PC Ric Marder Imagery - Photography

This project was designed as a Renovation of an existing mid-century cottage overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. As a result of Super Storm Sandy, the original structure was condemned. New FEMA regulations to protect against hurricane winds, storm surges and the potential of a direct impact, required a steel frame super structure. In the attempt to capture the original spirit of the cottage, the design evolved. The Foundation elements, the flooring and monolithic chimney are clad with a blend of sand blasted, leather and hand chiseled Jerusalem Limestone. The exterior wood rain screen, soffits, terraces & decks are clad with Brazilian Cumaru. The interior space, separated by glass panels, finished with the same exterior materials, distorts the boundaries between inside and out. The feeling is open and organic. The Roof is Red Copper Standing Seam and Marine Grade Stainless Steel bright work completes the design.