Fantasy Motel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Graphic Design
ArtistCarlo Cafferini

What if a façade could express a concept, a mood, an idea, a dream? This is 'Fantasy Motel' a geometric, hypnotic, architectural trip into my mind. I love façades and all the stories that buildings have to tell to us. Behind the appearance (the façade indeed) of lifeless and soulless stone, a building can express ideas, feelings and moods like a person. In this series, which takes its title from the original structure, the basic pattern for all the images, a floating Motel in Amsterdam shooted in my recent trip to the dutch capital city, I merge my great passions for architecture and graphics. The original façade had neutral tones and regular patterns, which allowed me to express my fantasy, playing with colors, repetition and positioning of windows and curtains. The result is a series of hypnotic and captivating façades, which try to convey through their geometries some simple ideas and some deeper concepts.