Circular Society

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyEON Architecture /Architects
ArtistHledis Sveinsdottir
Design TeamEON architecture: Hlédís Sveinsdóttir, lead architect, Gunnar Árnason project manager, Verkís Engineers ehf, ÍAV Contractors ehf
ClientCity of Reykjavik
CreditEON architecture
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Circular Society a concept for a neighbourhood in Reykjavík,a unique location,site with remains of an old factory that is to be demolished,huge Seilo-structures will be integrated into a neighbourhood in functional way and creative manner.The project combines three strong ideas into a complete concept of a neighbour hood: a)Modular units,residential housing, b)Transformation of Seilo's into residential co-living wonderland,smaller modular living spaces:privat / communal living:shared, c)environmental sustainability,human health&wellbeing. Equitable economic benefits integrating all the ideas.