Floortje - Living on the dark side of the moon

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistSusan Leurs

Floortje has been fighting depression and suicidal tendencies since 2018. I got to know her through my project of bullying. She is a wonderful and creative person. I want to make people listen to her story, as so many people fight depression, make them aware what their daily struggle is.

Susan Leurs (1966, Heerlen, the Netherlands) grew up in a family were photography was an important part of life. In 2009 she was asked to participate in an exhibition in Brussels (Belgium) and that was the start of many exhibitions. She has won several prizes with her series, her main goal is to interact with her public. She tells stories about people that have to be told. Since 2016 she is working on her project Bullying. She is working on a new series about depression, her main goal is to tell stories of people who have trouble telling their story.