Embrace Beauty Clinic | Embracing the Feminine Spirit

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyBlues Design Co, Ltd. | Taiwan
ArtistOU,LI-WEI ( Blues Design CO, Ltd.)
Design TeamDAI,HSIN (Embrace Founder); OU,LI-HAO (Chaoyi Design); HUANG,TSE-YUAN (Lightings); HOU,JYUN-JIE(Furnitures), An Fang, Li (PR Consultant ), YIOO(Photography), Jason S ( Visual Comm)
ClientEmbrace Beauty Clinic | Taiwan .Taipei
CreditYIOO(Photography), Jason S ( Visual Comm)
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A Perfect Design Mash up of Classy elements & Minimalist Concept for Embrace Beauty Clinic by Blues Design to "Embrace the Feminine Spirit". Arriving guest are greeted with a Warm, Cozy & Spacious Reception that seamlessly merged with Guest Resting & Consultation Areas on both sides; along with Curves & Circles elements on the ceilings, walls, furnitures & warm lightings throughout that creates a feel of “Gentle Reviving Energy Flow” to lead them further into the 5 beauty treatment rooms, each named after the 5 Core Feminine Values of Embrace Beauty Clinic: Brave, Dream, Passion, Joy & Beauty.