Lounging Abode

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyNard Interior Design
ArtistLiu Meng Han
Design TeamErika

Surrounding by the wood-tone settings, living indoors plants, and marbling features merrily create a blissful home like a paradise. The householder can feel a warm, natural vibe and enjoy the secluded time at ease, forget the chaotic world and soak in the enchanting situation alone. Adopt a modern, fashionable style to design the small footage house for the homeowner who lives alone. Take advantage of arc, linear features, tinted glass, wrought iron hardware, and a white color scheme to result in a light-hearted, unfussy ambiance that agrees with the homeowner's personality.

Valuable pure nard grows on the peaks of the Himalayas bravely against heavy snow and ice; after extract and purify, the precious finest balm in the world has given birth. NARD Design values all kinds of reliance and skillfully transforms the rare fragrant into glorious ideal vision. We hold substantial experience in the design industry and specialize in refining the essence into a homely epitome. We go all in to bring about agreeable, distinguished, and everlasting circumstances for people to experience, interact and rely on pleasantly.