800 spi

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistHenrique Montanari

Sustainable Installation that rethinks the use of 800 used spray cans causing an optical illusion. The idea was to use a material that supposed to be garbage and use this media in a different way than it was supposed to be "transforming" tangible material into "physical pixels" making a reference to the digital world without the use of any technology. Garbage doesn´t disappear it just changes place so we need to start to think more about our world's Healthy.

 Born in São Paulo, I learned to see the beauty in the midst of the chaos of the big city, and using spray paint, stencil, and augmented reality I create artistic interventions around the city providing another way of seeing reality. We are all connected by frequency and energy, we create our reality. If our reality is composed of vibration of thought and material manifestation, are we not all one?