Kunming Vanke Feicui Bingjiang Cat Cafe

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyGnu Design
ArtistYu Qiubing
Design TeamWu Chuhuai,Qiu Lingling,Zhou Shanjuan,Liu Cuizhen,Chen Jiemin,Wang Xiao
ClientKunming Vanke

To explore more value and more possibilities of apartment products, from the free transformation of space, to the popular entrepreneurial sector that keeps pace with the times, to incorporate the current popular trend theme thinking, and to give N possibilities for apartment products. The overall space is combined with log color and gray to create a modern Japanese series of cat cafes. Embellished with dark green home furnishing, make the whole space more vibrant,It provides a spiritual place for people who like to play cats but have no time to raise cats.