The Peninsula Arcade Cosmetology Centre

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyENNE Interior- Dream Ticket Workshop Limited
ArtistRonnie Chan
Design TeamEnoch Kwan
ClientperFACE Aesthetic
CreditPhotographer Samuel Lee, 2022
Video URLView

Simple geometric, symmetrical and curved features with metallic details, which creates an understated Art deco. A local landmark hotel The Peninsula Hong Kong also features The peninsula arcade. Within the celebrated cosmetology brand perface Aesthetic has opened its new branch, the 355 meter square space cosmetology centre is located on the mezzanine floor of the shopping mall. The space is designed for prestigious and luxurious medical cosmetology services named as perFACE Peninsula Clubhouse.

ENNE, A brand name reflects the founder’s Ronnie Chan and Enoch Kwan design philosophy – Commitment of enhancement, Enjoyable of interior space and Tailor-made the individual lifestyle combined with a human-centred design mindset. Nowadays, the user's perception of the interior design is exceeding the fulfilment of traditional fit-out works. Followed blindly of achieving luxurious and high-end interior design ambience were being out of fashion. ENNE concentrated the human-centred design to customized interior space for individual needs is being a new era for the interior living environment.