The Choreography of Chaos

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyBetina Samaia Fineart Photography
ArtistBetina Samaia
CreditBetina Samaia
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I live amidst Rio de Janeiro invisible, imaginary bridges, organized like a choreography of chaos. Its highs are too high. Its lows too low. Risky, edgy moments. Rio is a metaphor. I build my images from its mountains and beaches. I recreate this fictional city in three dimensions: high, low and around. But also from inside. I see the streams of red lights moving. They are ascending lavas, like a volcano flowing upwards, announcing an imminent eruption, as a hang glider slowly floats and lands.

Betina Samaia (b. 1964) is a Brazilian photographer, with a degree in Psychology. Through her work, she is interested in exploring the unconscious. She has been influenced by Surrealism and Impressionist painters: subtle lines and contours, strong colors, images that go beyond what we see – combining reality and imagination. She’s the author of four photobooks and has had exhibits in the U.S., France and Brazil. She is represented by Arte 57 Gallery in São Paulo.