PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyD-WEBER inc. / 4 DESIGN
ClientCHIKARA KITABATAKE (Automotive Photographer)
CreditA new immersive space that seems to have jumped out of the virtual world. Realize a cockpit that bridges the gap between real and virtual. We want to make the virtual jealous with our product designs.
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It is a product specialized for racing games. By installing this on both sides of the sofa and steering wheel controller, you can create an immersive space like a cockpit. Expressing speed and exhilaration in three dimensions. This product is for esports events and power users looking for originality. A 3D printer is used for production. Beautifully finished by controlling the fault of 3D printing. It will be sold as a made-to-order item. Offered by public-sponsored eSport events.

Started his own studio in 2000. He is mainly involved in projects in the car industries.JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers' Association) Member.In addition, under the original brand [ 4-DESIGN by D-W ] that he started himself, he has announced a number of design products that pursue originality with respect for tradition and materials. he has recently produced works focusing on small local factories. And he works with the city's public relations department to disseminate its appeal to the world.At TEDxAnjo 2022, he talked about the power of design.