Residential complex Mednyj 3-14

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanySergey Skuratov Architects
ArtistSergey Skuratov
Design TeamI.Vakhonin, A. Kon’kov, V.Garanin, J.Levina, S.Chekmarev, A.Shubkin, N.Ovsyannikova, E.Tirskih, A.Fedorov.
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Two numerals in the name of this project represent the street address – 14, plus the number of buildings – 3. All three of them have one facade covered with copper panels while the rest three facades of each unit are faced with brick. Copper panels from Aurubis were embossed at German factory with special relief design. It makes the panelled facade look like covered with expensive and scratchy fabric. Panels reflect differently depending of their plane position, horizontal or vertical. Second material, brick, is also special: It is small-sized and multi-shaded as in Venice of XIII century.

Work Experience: 43 years Member of Russia`s Union of Architects since 1988 Board Member of Moscow Union of Architects since 1998 Member of CTBUH (Counsel on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, US & Canada) Professor of International Academy of Architecture (IAA) since 2014 Academy Fellow (active member) of International Academy of Architecture (IAA) since 2015 Professor of MARSH (Moscow Architectural School) since 2012 Professor of MAI (Moscow Architectural Institute) from 2000 to 2004