Exhibition Area of Guangzhou CR Majestic Mansion

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyShenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd (Cube Design)
ArtistHuikang Qiu
Design TeamXiangjin Hu,Jiuming Wu,Xianli Chen,Zuyuan Xu,Liting Mo,Huini Luo
ClientGuangzhou Runshang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Featuring "a landscape painting depicting the harmony between man and nature", the Guangzhou Jinsha project is located among rolling hills and thick vegetation. With landscape painting as the design theme, an undulating facade mechanism is outlined with the facade's uneven shape and light horizontal lines to bring people a refreshing feeling like a landscape painting. The beige aluminum panels, dark gray paint, and metal threaded edge bands featuring elaborate and people-oriented design techniques are like stacks of modern handicrafts.Oversized glass brings 270 degrees of visual enjoyment.