Floating Garden

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyMSK Photography
ArtistMaja Strgar Kurecic
CreditMaja Strgar Kurecic "Floating Garden"
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It all started with a single rose. The rose my daughter received for her 18th birthday. This rose prompted me to think about youth, beauty, transience. I wanted somehow to preserve it from decay, so without much planning and thinking, I put it in the water and iced it. After a while, it came to me how to shoot it in order to emphasize the delicate structure of the petals and maintain its natural color. I began experimenting with other flowers, leaves, twigs, grasses, seeds. In this natural and delicate world around us I find an endless source of metaphors for life and transience of our human

I am a dreamer and storyteller who follows intuition and have a strong affection for the abstract aesthetic. Born and based in Zagreb, I work as a fine art photographer and Associate University Professor of photography at the Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb, Croatia. At the beginning of my career (some 25 years ago) I was mostly engaged in the advertising and journalistic projects, but recently my interest in photography has changed completely. I overcame documentary and narrative and found myself in the deep analytical and philosophical fields of conceptual photography.