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PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistPamela Hanlan

When I have time to look through old magazines I am reminded of the old advertising targeting women and convincing them that they should always be smiling and proficient in the kitchen, always with happy cherubs as children, and always with a loving husband they are responsible for keeping happy and healthy.All women coped, some drank, some didn't, some didn't need to. The calendar represents the passage of years and the long days.Sadly,some were convinced that against all odds we had to somehow be that woman. Infertility was a deficiency and a weakness. Mental wards were full of such women.

In my lifetime I have been daughter, sister, wife, mother, empty nester, grandmother, great grandmother, widow and partner. Never in those years was I a photographer. Although my chapters of life have been many and varied, I have always seen stories in the world around me. And I have those memories stored away and ready to be retrieved from the depths of my mind. Since I have been on my journey to learn photography I now have a way to tell those stories. A new chapter.