Flexible Landscape

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyGOA Architects & T.E.N
ArtistYan Wang & Xudong Zhu
Design TeamWeile Huang & Yibo Wang
CreditGOA Architects
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Flexible Landscape was designed for a series of public cultural activities, named Gravitational Field, held in the Jing'an Temple Square, the most prosperous public space in Shanghai. The installation itself was a work of art, as well as a space for other activities. A series of public events happened in this “Landscape Bonsai” one after another, here was the experimental field, theater, exhibition, market, playground. It inspires the vitality and creativity of the city and displayed the open spirit of the city by an architectural way.

Xudong Zhu is an architect and urban designer, just graduated from Harvard GSD MAUD in 2022, where he won the third prize of 2022 Plimpton-Poorvu Design Prize. Before GSD, He holds Bachelor and Master of Architecture with distinction from Tongji University where he received the highest design honor. During his graduate period, he had a one-year double degree program with Politecnico Di Milano. During his study at Harvard, Xudong co-founded T.E.N in Shanghai. As the lead architect, he has led the team to win many well-known design awards at home and abroad in the past few years.