Grand Dongshan

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyHuahui Engineering Design Group Co.,Lto
ArtistXinghua Hu
Design TeamQiufang Tang,Danhong Zhu,Qimin Jiang,Minqi Lai,Zhiyue Li,Jiandong Pan,Zhiqi Dong
ClientChunhui Industrial Group

Grand Dongshan sits next to the 600-acre-Dongshan Lake,adjacent to the source of the world's celadon.The design is based on the Jiangnan architectural, without overly elaborate decorations, giving the building a traditional meaning and modern aesthetic.We try to nestle the building in the site,to integrate the building into the landscape and environment,using traditional Chinese architectural practices to create a quiet Jiangnan style and elegance,As an important stop on the road of Tang poetry in eastern Zhejiang,it's a model of the new "Mountain Residence"for Chinese aesthetic resort hotels.