Song of Noise

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistIlya Trofimenko

The noise resulting from the imperfection of digital camera electronics and the photonic nature of light also has the right to exist and can be used not only as a creative tool, adding a certain styling or highlighting some attributes of the image, but also in its own right. Noise can be a fundamental element of form and the only content. It, too, has something to say. And so… Darkroom. A nine-year-old camera without a lens (only lens cup). Nine minutes of warm-up time (by shooting video). Nine available "full" ISO values. Nine “60-second” exposures. Nine minutes. "A Song of Noise”.

Self-taught. Living in Dresden, Germany. His artworks representing visual and emotional state of mind sustained by particular expressive language of representation, which stem from the notion of meta-modernist sensitivity and build on the abstracting and distorting the real world's motifs as well as antinomy between concrete and abstract to allow for thinking through associations.