Monastery Accomodation Stella Maris, Bibione Venezia

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyToti Semerano/Laboratorio Architettura Semerano
ArtistToti Semerano
Design TeamStefano Antonello , Ludovica Fava , Iride Filoni , Enrico Friselle , Tommaso Gasparini , Andrea Michelon , Alice Miotto ,
ClientStella Maris
Credit@Stefano Zanardi

Stella Maris is a hypogeal intervention to create a meditative space in the project of a chapel and cloister within a residential complex designed for guests with disabilities and their families in a natural environment of great beauty, there is a thick and deep pine forest overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The presence of a natural environment of great quality has suggested a "botanical" design approach. It is a place of silence and relaxation given by the sound and breath of the trees and by the light that as the day passes caresses the building and slides inside defining the spaces.