Inside impression of the van Abbe museum

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
University/SchoolN.A.V.B. nederlandse academie voor beeldcreatie(dutch academie for image creation)
ArtistGerhard Van Der Wiel

These are the serie of images I made for a school assignment,wich shows my impression on the inside architecture of the van Abbe museum located in the city of Eindhoven.All shots where taken handleld,because the use of a tripod was not allowed.

I bought my first d.s.l.r. in 2012 not knowing anything about photography.In 2016 had my first exposition.2018 was a lucky year for me because one of my pictures was published in the september edition of "".Always wanting to take my photography one step further I realized that time and dedication where the keywords.Loosing my job because of corona made totally focus on my photography and currently I am a student at the n.a.v.b.(Dutch academy for image creation).