ten-sho-shi-tsu(dot, vanishing)

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CreditHamu Isen

I am interested in the boundary that arises between two different properties. In particular, one of my key concerns is to explore the boundary between the masculine and feminine principles, as well as their coexistence. Architecture, for example, both protects and repels man from the wonders of the outside world (nature). Rather than there being a boundary between architecture and nature, it may be better to say that man himself is a boundary (an ambiguous entity) that lies between civilization (masculine, cutting) and nature (feminine, containing).

BORN IN 1982 IN HIRATSUKA-SHI, KANAGAWA-KEN, JAPAN LIVES AND WORKS IN HADANO-SHI, JAPAN EDUCATION •Musashino Art University, 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts RESIDENCIES •2012 Point B work lodge, NY, United States SOLO EXHIBITIONS •2020'21' 22' 23 Hamu Isen Solo Exhibition, art gallery & Legion,Tokyo,Japan •2013'14'15'17 Hamu Isen Solo Exhibition, AI Gallery,Tokyo,Japan GROUP EXHIBITIONS •2018 Constellation, NERIMA ART MUSEUM, Tokyo, Japan •2017 The Simulation Art of Disconnection, TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM, Tokyo, Japan