The Treasure room of town Črnomelj

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyAtelje Ostan Pavlin D.O.O.
ArtistAleksander Ostan, Nataša Pavlin
Design TeamAleksander Ostan, Nataša Pavlin, Kaja Vidovi?
ClientMunicipality of ?rnomelj
Creditphoto: Virginia Vrecl

The treasure room should offer visitors the majority of key information on their first visit, in a short period of time, or in more depth when visiting, experiencing and exploring the Municipality of ?rnomelj and through it also the White Landscape. Otherwise, the Treasury is designed as an open space ("open space" and "open source"), which can accommodate many diverse events, from concerts and poetry evenings to "vernissages and team building". The central table is a multifunctional central a surface on which contents are spread, which connects and animates a group of people every time.