Shiraz Mall Foodcourt

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShahrniaz Architecture Group
ArtistNiaz Esmaili & Shahram Zare
Design Team Hosein Shekouhi (design colleage),Hamrah Ghashghaei(Lighting design),Arash Akhtaran(photographer),Maryam Ebrahimnejad and Parisa Barazandeh(Graphic)
ClientMashaallah Mosaheb, Bijan Nikseresht

To create contrast and diversity, we tried to use natural patterns and motifs to help soften the space. Themes and natural branches go from the roof of the food court's partially open terrace to the interior halves of the common area before coming to a stop in a row of solitary orange flowers (incomplete orange cone-shaped lights made of raw metal sheets). This movement during the day and night, with its unique and designed lighting along with green walls and brick bodies, has symbolically induced nature so that those in this environment can enjoy it the most.