PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyMOI Interior Design Ltd.
ArtistFrank Lo Tsz Chung
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Arc is intended to evoke the "space-age era of the 1960s"/the "century of the 1960s". Since the design is always related to the residential project, the material used cannot be plastic and glossy surfaces because the maintenance problem needs to be considered, so common wood is used to create the unique look. Black & white colours are distributed evenly and the curves are arranged in an orderly manner.A circle represents meaning and an arc represents form, a mutual transformation. To demonstrate that everything has both gains and losses, balancing each other out, in order to achieve balance

Frank Lo is a founder, creative director, head designer and 3D rendering artist of MOI Interior Design Ltd Frank’s philosophy of design is not about how the size of the space is, how brilliant the design is and how expensive the material is. It is all about the “SOUL”. He hopes his design is based on what the clients need and desire which creates their own dream houses. The design is able to reach by everyone simply and everyone deserves to have its masterpiece as relaxing when home after busy work. The best design is always providing a comfortable and suitable living style for us.