Danish Fuel - Speaker

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyDanish Fuel
ArtistRene Sundahl
Design TeamCharlotte and Janice
ClientDanish Fuel
Video URLView

Have you ever found that electronics dont fit into your interior design? Either a speaker is most likely ugly and plays good music or beautiful and plays poorly. Our goal is to design a portable speaker in which you can find yourself spellbound with incredible design and renewable sound. Kick off your home interior style, and make you enjoy your favorite music, wrapped in an upcycled World War II fuel can. Personalisation with a unique ID number and your initials. Made in Denmark with the finest hi-fi components. Iaspis green, smoked oak and upscale gold. Designed and selected by women.

Danish Fuel. Established 2010 in Denmark. Carry a small selection of lifestyle designs. Customized cabinets, crafted gins and more.