Sustainable Austrian Expo-Pavilion

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
Companyquerkraft architekten
Artistjakob dunkl, gerd erhartt, peter sapp
Design Teamclemens russ, fabian kahr, guillermo alvarez, konrad brack, verena fessele, fraym hanna, elisabeth hofstetter, maja karska, felix zitter
Clientaustrian federal ministry of dig. & eco. affairs, austrian federal eco. chamber
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the pavilion gives an important answer about the future: respectful use of earthly resources. a sensual space is created through a network of 38 intersecting cones. the cone shapes easily develop an aesthetic between light and shadow that invites the visitor to explore. the dialogue between local building traditions and intelligent austrian climate engineering is seen as an opportunity. three quarters of the energy needed for a comparable building can be saved by this measurements. designed by a puzzle-system the cones could have been re-built after the EXPO at another site for different use.