TinPot Ice Cream

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyAllison + Partners
ArtistDavid Williams, Karin Heidemann, Panisa Soison
Design TeamAllison + Partners Creative Team
ClientTinPot Creamery
CreditTinPot Creamery
Video URLView

Tin Pot is a beloved Bay Area creamery making ultra-premium, hand-crafted ice cream. After 10 years of steady local growth. We created custom typography and used vibrant colors evocative of the ingredients. We brought those ingredients to life through illustrations and unique language that brings out the hand-crafted feel, creating a personal connection that makes every pint of Tin Pot that much more comforting. The design strategy worked: in just 3 months since deploying the new system, Tin Pot has already seen a more than 200% increase in sales.