Changchun Poly City Sales Center

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistMelody Lau, Yee Xiong
Design Team Xinke Liang, Tianqi Huang, etc
ClientChangchun Poly Real Estate Co., Ltd
CreditYiwen Xu
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The designers aim to awaken the urban vitality of Changchun, China by tracing its local industrial civilization. A 12-meter-high corridor is nestled between a straight wall and a sloping one. It creates an array with a staggered height and an intriguing setting. The spiral staircase softens the visual senses with simple lines and dynamic rhythm. The petal installation resonates with the city's renewal in opening and closing. The shaped sofas can be reassembled to suit the needs of various activities. Thus, a bond between people and city is forged via the innovation of scenes and experiences.