"Sunken deep in the landscape: The Youth Hostel Gerlos"

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyLechner & Lechner Architetcs
ArtistChristine Lechner
Design TeamChristine Lechner, Horst Lechner, Michael Trixl, Lukas Ployer, Paul Lechner
ClientJugendgästehaus Gerlosplatte GmbH represented by Jörg Neumaier
CreditJulian Hoeck
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The goal of this project was to create an affordable and eco-friendly hostel for school trips. To achieve this, the building was constructed using solid wood sourced from the region, with biomass district heating and coach transportation. Leftover wood from the cross-laminated timber walls was repurposed into furniture. The building's main structure is a longitudinal timber design, with a U-shaped "village square". Two side wings, formed as landscape waves, sink the square into the surroundings. Inside the building, a three-dimensional promenade connects the sports and recreational areas.