Forum Fondazione Bertarelli

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyArchos S.R.L.
ArtistEdoardo Milesi
Design TeamMarco Verdina, Paolo Abbadini, Giulia Anna Milesi
ClientCollemassari S.p.A.
CreditMauro Davoli
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A 300-seat concert hall surrounded by the Tuscan Maremma originates from an organic shape conceived by the golden ratio designed for non-mechanical acoustic amplification. Its rugged earth tones concrete surface reminds a mound, fortified by wavy oxidised iron plate which it partially envelops. Going uphill through an olive grove along the iron wall, we enter the dematerialized space of the foyer flooded by light. The concert hall can be seen with a single glance with the unique surface of the drum-shaped element on which rests the curved wings of the roof that laterally embrace the galleries.