Fracture and fold

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)® | Research Institute for Visual Computing
ArtistWolfgang Höhl
CreditOhne Titel #11 (2022) | 45 x 61 cm, Computer generated imagery (CGI) on poster paper. © Wolfgang Höhl, München / Germany

A motif that has occupied me for a long time is the geometric fracture or fold and its representation. The first three pencil sketches and the folded working model show a decomposition of the surface into quadrilaterals (see image names start with 01-04). In the following a virtual 3D model was made with Blender software. It could experimentally be folded and unfolded again in virtual space. Moreover it is able to show different views from the folded surface. Several experimental variants with changed shape, lights and colour were created (see last five images. Image names start with 06-10).

Wolfgang Höhl is an architect in the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, a freelance artist and an associate researcher for visual computing at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).