PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyThe Square Interior Design
ArtistHank Wu

Illuminated by the track lighting, the loft-style house is furnished with dark walnut flooring, leather soft trim, and Eerie black hardware while preserving the original ceiling piping. Moreover, Demolish the wall behind the sofa, creating an open study room with an L-shaped partition where the homeowner can view the entire public placement while reading or working. We integrated a low fair-faced concrete partition after removing an interior wall between the living room and the study to create an open-plan living room and personal style for the homeowner.

The Square Interior Design is skilled in planning unique projects that agree with the proprietors' personalities. We hold the belief that design has to attach importance to clients' needs and cogitates from a human-oriented perspective. We focus on constructing wholesome houses. Ingeniously introducing professional aesthetic ideas, exploiting diversified natural building materials, and complementing system furniture and crafted woodworks; brilliantly originate an eco-friendly and unrestrained lifestyle.