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ArtistPiotr Franciszek Barszczowski
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A vision of the contemporary SALVATOR MUNDI - Savior of the World (~in parousia) - a photojournalist who creates a photo report (~World Press Photo) for the Father. Unfortunately, he is not thrilled with what he has seen and sent, what we have done for two thousand years and how we are still unable to understand the word-key "LOVE". He no longer supports the Earth, but with his power he does not drop it yet. It is up to us whether the Earth will crash or survive. The Chinese inscription on the sole of the shoe is signum temporis - a sign of the times that says: "I am the Way"

Dr PIOTR FRANCISZEK BARSZCZOWSKI visual artist and photographer, visual communication designer, theologian and educator. He was born in 1972 in Tarnow in Poland. He is a graduate of two universities in Krakow: Academy of Fine Arts and the Pontifical University. He specialized in the field of visual communication and in the field of the history of sacred art. He is the creator of "NEW-STAINED-GLASS" - a characteristic photo-collage composed with fragments of macro and micro photography .