An apartment with a glass home office for a bachelor in Moscow

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyAlexander Tischler
ArtistKaren Karapetian
Design TeamKaren Karapetian, Konstantin Prokhorov, Ekaterina Baibakova, Evgenii Bridnya, Anna Prokhorova, Oleg Mokrushnikov, Karen Nikoian, Evgenii Kulibaba, Nastasya Korbut, Vera Minchenkova
CreditEvgenii Kulibaba. Stylist: Nastasya Korbut
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We designed this interior for a young man who is keen on modern culture and music. It was important to create a personalized interior for a homeowner where the art objects would perfectly fit in, as well as to find a place for a home office because the client plans to shoot videos on his Youtube channel. We made a home office separated from the rest of the room by the toned glass divider in the place of the corridor designed by the developer. In the niche, we made an RGB backlit: since the client about to become a Youtube blogger,the trendy light will be a good fit.

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