Colorful Wangjing

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyHu Quanchun
ArtistHu Quanchun
Design TeamYuan Hang, Xiang Yu, Chen Songlin, Lu Bowen, Guo Chunzhi, Zhang Fei
ClientWangjing Sub-district Office, Chaoyang District People's Government of Beijing
CreditJin Weiqi

The concept of the project and form of the landmark sculpture are derived from the modern interpretation and expression of “Wangjing”, a place name that can date back to ancient times. The outer circle of the sculpture, with a diameter of 18 meters and made of stainless steel, holds the inner circle - a hyperboloid LED screen through steel cables, together forming a simple form of an “eye”. The outer circle is built with mirrored stainless steel to integrate the main structure into the environment, and the steel cables add a sense of suspension and mystery to the central “pupil”.