PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyNiranjan Gohane Art Studio
ArtistNiranjan Gohane
CreditNiranjan Gohane

In every era whether it's a war or peace , a woman is used as a weapon to destroy it's target. And it has been proven as the most fatal weapon of all time.

Academic Qualification: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Art Teacher Diploma ( ATD ) Exhibition: 1) 2023 Zeitgeist International Exhibition & Competition 1) 2023 Artverse Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata. 2) 2023 131st All India Annual Art Exhibition Bombay Art Society 3) 2022 Artverse Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata. 4) 2022 Ambedkar Fine Arts Foundation,Nagpur, (Awarded) 5) 2022 LordFoundationOf FineArts 6) 2017 Painting ExhibitionJawaharlal Darda Art Gallery. (Solo) 7) 2014 Painting Exhibition Jehangir Art Gallery (Solo) 8) 2013 Painting Exhibition Rabindranath Tagore Art