Villa Ashian

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAtlant Architectural Studio
ArtistMahdi Alambeigi
Design TeamMaryam Kaveri, Babak Moradi, Behnaz Hadavi, Pouya Bakhtiari, Bahar Esmaeili, Mahsa Khaleghi
ClientMr. Khodarahmi
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The Ashian project is a delicate balance between invoking past memories and creating a fluid architectural space that sees the family's intimacy in the openness of its spaces. Imagine large, coherent spaces with a powerful singularity, sloping roof surfaces, and open landscape areas with glass surfaces, all facing the outdoor landscape. This creates a modernist narrative for fluid, continuous spaces and open connections that reduce the objectification of architectural form in the interior space. This home invites family members to come together and appreciate the surrounding nature...