Grizzetti Galoppo

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
ArtistLeo Gesess
Design TeamLeo Gresess
ClientGrizzetti Galoppo
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The Grizzetti Galoppo campaign is aimed at a broad, interested public with a certain affinity for horses and sport in general. It aims to promote the attractiveness of this sport and events and to sensitize people to participate. A rather unusual campaign, since in this area the marketing and advertising measures are very much neglected. Unfortunately, many "ippodromi" in Italy are struggling to survive. I hope, together with Bruno Grizzetti, to make a small contribution to the reactivation of this beautiful sport.

Leo Gesess Born and grown up in SWITZERLAND Leo Gesess has always been a freethinker with ideas and visions. His motto for his photographic work: „Hold the moment and fill it with life.“ As a photographer and creative director and owner of the advertising AGENCYy COM.COM. COMMUNICATION COMPANY GmbH and CLICKANDPIC PHOTOGRAPHY in SWITZERLAND for 22 YEARS