Caterpillar Technology Experience

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyFilbak Branding Espacial
ArtistDaniel Guevara & Laura Díaz
Design TeamDaniel Guevara Luna, Laura Díaz del Pino, Julia Díaz Liñán & Pablo Iranzo Navas
CreditLolo Mestanza
Video URLView

Caterpillar creates the "Technology Experience", a technological room with simulators and remote controls to learn how to operate its most avant-garde machinery. The interior design is futuristic and flexible, with lighting effects that create a real WOW effect. Light plays a crucial role in the visitor experience: from a theatrical anteroom to photoluminescent graffiti showing the grunge side of the brand, accompanied by light boxes framing Caterpillar's cutting-edge technology. The room fuses technology and industry, conveying the essence of the brand in an innovative and surprising way.

Filbak is born as a revolutionary new concept that combines interior design and graphic design. A conceptual mix that specialises in applying the brand to the space, what we call SPACE BRANDING. Our methodology is based on Strategic Interior Design, which allows for a holistic vision of the project, combining technique, functionality, aesthetics and marketing. To this end, at Filbak we analyse your company or personal project to adjust it to your needs, optimize it and bring the excitement back… #feelback #filbak