Sculptures from "Alphabets" Series

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyBoris Giulian Studio
CreditMask of African God of Connectedness, Boris Giulian
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Art/Social Responsibility/Love your Neighbor/“Alphabets” series, where each work is dedicated to 1 culture After immersion/research, elements symbolizing unique vibrations of subject culture are composed together, like famous artistic style, inventions, traditions, cuisine, flora, fauna, + full alphabet. When looked at each artwork-it’s a love story to the subject culture, whole series-it's a celebration of diversity with acknowledgment of mutual influence. Goal:let viewers resonate with diverse cultural vibrations, plant a seed of mutual respect, hope it'll become Tree of Peace 4 generations

Art is a way of communication with viewer, a visual poetry; it’s my way of improving the world. Every object in my artworks usually has a meaning; they are composed to create a narrative story, to visualize an idea. I instill my love into artworks, hoping that they will reflect on viewers, provoke thoughts, and fill them with same love and appreciation of humanity and all life forms. Born in Armenia, studio in US. Art Education: Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, Russia, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art CA. Exhibitions: see website