Salient Brand Identity

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyShaimaa Qadi Design Studio FZE
ArtistShaimaa Qadi
CreditSalient Logo design by Shaimaa

Salient, based in Riyadh, enhances corporate reputation through storytelling. Our agency crafted their brand identity, blending Saudi roots with a global touch. The logo features an Arabic "nuqta" and modern writing, symbolizing Salient's heritage and innovation. The colors are fresh, and the typeface is modern. But a brand is more than just a logo. It's also about the message it shares. Salient's slogan is "Savvy. Canny. Gutsy." These three words sum up Salient's smart, sharp, and brave approach. Our design aims to make Salient's brand both visible and memorable.