True colours

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyBianca Paraschiv Art
ArtistBianca Paraschiv
Design TeamBianca Paraschiv
CreditBianca Paraschiv
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The project materialises a complex process of depicting the real human nature,the revelation of the authentic self behind the artificial masks we show off in the society,all according to the theory of colours and emotions translated by them.We all pretend to be aware of our own self,even if we still learn to decode the infinite facets of our personality,character and mind processes,and art being a great form of self discovery,I dared to unleash the surface and take a look beneath the apparences and the artificial identities we embody on a daily basis,searching for the quintessential substance

-Bianca Paraschiv,25 years old -Graduate of National University od Arts,Bucharest,RO- B.A. and Master in Painting -70 group art exhibitions and 3 personal art exhibitions organized by well-known galleries and museums in the country and abroad, events in the form of art salons, biennials or galas in art competitions -Art Awards and Distinctions for Paintings and graphic artworks in Italy, Spain, USA, England, Canada, Belgium and Romania -The subjects that inspire her the most are philosophy, psychology, architecture and human anathomy - Many publications in art catalogues and magazines