Restructuring and extension of the Sara Weil-Raynal EHPAD, a nursing home in Paris

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAvenier Cornejo Architectes
Design TeamMiguel CORNEJO, Christelle AVENIER, Pierre-Nicolas GEORGETON, Jean-Remy TUROT, Pierre SZMUL, Olivier SARAMITO
ClientCentre d'Action Sociale de la Ville de Paris - PariSeine (Deputy client)
CreditCharly Broyez

This extension has its own structural system and its own foundations. It does not overload the existing structure. The purpose was readapting spaces as well as possible, in order to place the resident and their well-being in the midst of the preoccupation. It is a nursing home, therefore a residence for elderly people. We hence made the choice to create a more domestic aesthetic, rather than clinical. A new dialogue is established with the neighbouring buildings, notably through the use of a material already present on this street and which contributes to its identity: brick.

Miguel Cornejo founded with Christelle Avenier their agency in 2008 in Paris. Avenier Cornejo was selected as one of the "Europe 40 under 40, 2014 Architecture firms” which recognizes emerging young architects. In the same year, they are nominated at the Equerre d’Argent. In the wake of this, Avenier Cornejo is in the design phase on various projects: housing, sheltered accommodation, children’s facilities, medical installations; and in the construction phase on several other projects in Paris. The approach of the studio is above all inventive. The goal is to bring a fertile reaction.