Houses of OKU-ROJI 「open while living」readymadehouses

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyPolus Gardenhills Co,.Ltd.
ArtistKoji Matsui
Design TeamTakahiro Mizuno, Kinji Ando, Noriaki Konishi, Takumi Awai, Mami Itakura
CreditHouse of OKU-ROJI
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We focused on how the two buildings relate to each other and suggested a way of living and being in private space while still connecting with the city. The roofs and the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces make a cozy "living room in a row" where you can enjoy the sunlight and the breeze during different seasons. The "Enclosed Room," which links the "Ya-roji" and promotes multiple functions while preserving a feeling of isolation, divides the LD area from the busy pedestrian street, forming an area that provides many lifestyles and is highly accessible to the city.