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PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyPolus Gardenhills Co,.Ltd.
ArtistMasaki Kudo
Design Team Koji Matsui, Atsushi Shibosawa, Kei Koyama + Noriaki Konishi + Takumi Awai, Akinori Koyama
CreditPhoto by : input-s Tanabe
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Can we create a SATOYAMA-like landscape on this land that used to be lush with greenery? With this in mind, the project was launched. It started by seamlessly blending the site's boundaries with sloping terrain. The residential and parking zones were separated, and eight houses were strategically spaced to create open areas. where more than 200 trees were planted and shared by setting easements for a walking path, a shaded area, and an area for gathering and talking.?At night, the subdivision is lit up and people in the area can enjoy the serene, villa-like views of the surrounding area.