PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyBetween Design Inc. Co.
ArtistAngela Lee

A soothing deep blue accompanies crisp fresh whites, enhanced by geometric and linear patterns, crafting a spacious and minimalist commercial space. Upon close inspection, delicate strokes on the walls depict lively florals, enveloping visitors in lush scenery, In harmony with the brand's focus on natural and eco-friendly values, the lush botanical patterns on the walls introduce a sense of vitality and employ low-carbon. Throughout the project, we carefully exploit materials bearing green building certifications, ensuring an eco-friendly and toxin-free workspace for employees and clients.

The Chinese name of the design studio is derived from the Book of Poetry : "The maiden is about to marry, so happy her husband will be," which implies a harmonious and lovely family. We expect to bring our clients pleasant futures full of leisurely and carefree charms. With profound experience in the industry, we think outside the box to create all-around commercial spaces. Pay attention to the client's needs and plan comfortable spaces with feasible features, ingeniously fashioning charming and homely living circumstances.