Multifunctional Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyKerimov Architects
ArtistShamsudin Kerimov
Design TeamShamsudin Kerimov, Ekaterina Kudinova, Tatiana Cherkasova, Ciezelsky Demyan

Externally, the building reminds a closed structure of blank blocks. Inside, there is the labyrinth spatial organization with the transformational potential of the pavilions. The building has 2 levels (ground and -1). On the -1, there are additional spaces, in which a special action takes place: to get there, one needs to go down through a waterfall. There are 4 main axes in the labyrinth; each divides the structure into “quarters”. One includes restaurants, theater, and offices. Another one is for a pavilion with the main stage. The 3rd sector is for the staff, hotel, and the 4th pavilion.