Wood City: Timberizing the City’s Building Blocks

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyUniversity of Arkansas Community Design Center
ArtistStephen Luoni
Design TeamClaude M. Terral III, Tarun Kumar Potluri, Kacper Lastowiecki, Joshua Levy, Kayla Ho, Victor Hugo Cardozo Hernandez, Jacob Caylon Alford, Keturah Bethel, Mary Grace Corrao, Matthew A. Scott, Wenjie Zhu, Dr. Marty Matlock
ClientWeyerhaeuser Giving Fund
CreditUniversity of Arkansas Community Design Center

Wood City applies mass timber engineering to standard real estate products that shape the built environment. Suburban offices, fast-food restaurants, metal warehouses, big-box grocers, garden apartments, single-family houses, hotels, self-storage facilities, assisted living facilities, strip-shopping centers, etc. constitute 75% of the built environment. Given that the U.S. will double its built environment in one generation and the urgency to develop low-carbon futures, what if cities were built from the only construction system sequestering carbon and engineered to be energy positive—wood?

The University of Arkansas Community Design Center is an outreach center of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, and one of a few university-based teaching offices in the United States dedicated to delivering urban design work. Originated in 1995, the center advances creative development in Arkansas through design, research, and education solutions. Nationally recognized in public-interest design, the center has its own downtown facilities and 5-6 professional design/planning staff, some who also teach.