HBIBERIJA (Friendship) Monument

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyTa'Peppi Sculptures
ArtistJoseph Xuereb
ClientGhajnsielem Local Council
CreditJoseph Xuereb

HBIBERIJA Monument was commissioned by the Ghajnsielem Local Council in 2022, part of a Twinning Agreement between my village and the city of Loreto in Ancona. The design is based on the topography features of both localities. While the four arms on the left hand side originate from the four valleys that run along the village lowlands, the right hand larger mass of stone represents the city of Loreto with the hole implying this place is far away from Malta. The valleys and Loreto nestle graciously along to the foot of the monument all curled up to an everlasting friendship together.